Writing and Presentations

Finding Asian American Disability History: Toward Sustainable Methods and Practices (Association for Asian American Studies AAAS 2023)

My panel with Jonathan Hsy and Yang Zhang, chaired by Professor Naoko Wake about our research on Asian American disability history. My presentation focused on Deaf Japanese Americans beyond Hannah Takagi. The session was not recorded but there was a participant comment.

Hidden Memories: Seeking The Histories of Japanese Americans with Disabilities, JAMP 2022

My conversation with Sam Mihara and Andy Aoki about Japanese American disability. Sam’s father Tokinobu became blind while incarcerated at Heart Mountain during World War II and Andy’s son is Paralympian Chuck Aoki.

A History of Disabled Nikkei, East Side Freedom Library (ESFL), July 2022

My second talk with the East Side Freedom Library about my research on Japanese American disability history. Panelists are Andy Aoki, father of Paralympian Chuck Aoki, disability rights attorney Karen Tani, and disability rights activist Atsuko Kuwana. We had an ASL interpreter, but unfortunately the recording did not capture them this time.

National Disability Independence Day 2022: An Interview with Japanese American Disabled Historian Selena Moon

Though I’m usually the one doing the interviewing, the Asian American Organizing Project (AAOP) interviewed me for the Disability Independence Day.

A History of Mixed Race Nikkei ESFL, June 2022

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, which struck down anti-miscegenation laws and legalized interracial marriage, I presented my work on Japanese American mixed race families, focusing on Japanese-non-White families. I had a conversation with Ayano Nixon and Zara Espinoza who shared their experiences and we answered a few questions from the audience. ASL interpreter included.

Mixed Race and Disabled Incarcerees At Amache Incarceration Camp Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS), April 2022)

A poster version of the presentation that I would have given at the  conference for our panel on the history, art, and archaeology of Amache incarceration camp in Colorado.

Maybe Life is Only Stories, Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimage (JAMP), February 2022

A reflection for the 80th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, on my experiences as a mixed race, disabled Japanese American researching Japanese American mixed race and disability history. A shorter, slightly edited version was published

Busting Racism Minnesota Women’s Press, January 2022

An article about my experience working with the Free-Thinking Abolitionists Interpreting Racism (FAIR) Collective to create a traveling exhibit to teach children five to twelve and their families about racism and how to fight it.

Wartime Incarceration of Deaf Japanese Americans National Library of Medicine (NLM), December 2021

A post based on Deaf scholar Newby Ely’s “The Wartime Incarceration of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nikkei in U.S. Camps, 1942-1946” and several sources from the National Library of Medicine about WRA policies toward and experiences of disabled Japanese Americans in the incarceration camps.

Japanese Americans and the Americans with Disabilities Act Parts I and II Discover Nikkei, December 2021

A slightly updated version of my post for the Disability History Association (DHA) (November 2020) with a new set of pictures.

Making (Virtual) Conferences Accessible National Council on Public History (NCPH) History@Work, November 2021

Post about my NCPH 2020 conference panel “Barriers To History: Making History and Historical Research Accessible” (see below) within the broader context of conference accessibility for disabled scholars. Many thanks to the Disabled Academic Collective for its input and support!

Marginalized Communities in the Arkansas Incarceration Camps American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), September 2021

Poster for the on disabled people and mixed race Japanese American families in the Jerome and Rohwer incarceration camps during World War II.

Disability in the Camps JAMP, September 2021

Presentation for the Tadaima 2021 annual pilgrimage about Japanese American disability history and the lives of disabled people in the incarceration camps. Here is a link to the main Tadaima 2021 program. Direct YouTube link here.

Indigenous Japanese, Americans and Japanese Americans AAAS, April 2021

Poster presented about Okinawan and Ainu (indigenous Japanese populations in the south and north), Native Hawaiian, American, and Alaskan and Japanese Americans who intermarried within these communities.

Japanese American Disability History NCPH, March 2021

Poster presented about Japanese American disability history, including Japanese American contributions to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990

Unheard Stories: Asian Americans Experiencing Hate Minnesota Women’s Press, March 2021)

More than 800 participated in the “Unheard Stories: Asian Americans Experiencing Hate” conversation after a hate crime that killed 8 people in Atlanta, including six Asian American women on March 16, 2021

Asian Minnesotan Identities Minnesota Women’s Press, February 2021

Many report that their cultural communities value familial interdependence, such as caregiving, establishing lending circles, and sharing housing. Some indicated the difficulty of adapting to the U.S. system of economic individualism.

Japanese Americans and the ADA Disability History Association (DHA), AllofUs, November 4, 2020)

The fight of disability rights in the United States has included several Japanese-American citizens who served as local, state, and national officials. Many became involved because of personal experiences, including the mass incarceration and combat during World War II. Yet, their significant contributions to the development of the Americans with Disabilities Act has mostly been overlooked.

Barriers To History: Making History and Historical Research Accessible NCPH, March 2020)

Panel turned Twitter conversation, due to the pandemic, which discussed barriers that disabled historians face, accommodations that worked, how institutions working with or for people with disabilities create accommodations, institutional accessibility guidelines, and attempted to discuss how institutions can improve accessibility but received no replies.  

Tapestry Minnesota Women’s Press, June 2019

Exploring Japanese American incarceration during World War II and preservation

Two Countries, Two Elder Care Systems Minnesota Women’s Press, April 2019

Comparing and contrasting elder care systems and costs between my paternal grandparents in the United Stats and maternal grandparents in Japan.

Diversifying Business Minnesota Women’s Press, April 2018

Minnesota’s efforts to increase women-owned business with a spotlight on Wendy Sullivan, WENRICH Property & Development founder and Alice Roberts-Davis is head of the state’s Office of Equity in Procurement.

Gertrude Caton Thompson Sheroes of History, November 9, 2017

Biography of Gertrude Caton Thompson, an English one of the few female archaeologists of her time, who invented an excavation technique for archaeological sites and distinguished two prehistoric cultures

Patsy Takemoto Mink Sheroes of History, September 21, 2017

Biography of Patsy Takemoto Mink, first woman of color elected to Congress

Pretty Little Pictures: Metadata in Museums University of Massachusetts Press, Past@Present, December 17, 2016

Blog post on my internship processing metadata during my internship at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History working on the “Righting a Wrong: Japanese Americans and World War II” Exhibit